"Hunters Lodge Residential Care Home is a home from home for my mother who has Vascular Dementia. The staff are extremely caring and I feel confident that mum is in the best possible place for her. No one would choose to leave their family home and be looked after by someone else. My daughter Holly and I had this choice taken away from me regarding our  beloved Husband/Father Raymond after his 10 year battle with Alzheimers.

His needs became more than we could give him in his home environment. Holly and I looked at many homes before we found Hunters Lodge Care Home in Melton Mowbray. Unlike many homes visited we both knew this was to be our choice. Initially this was difficult for us to accept the situation but within a short time knew it was the right decision.

Care homes have received bad media attention over the last few years but in the 7 months Ray spent prior to his death I NEVER encountered any cruel or lax attention to the care of Ray or any other resident and I spent nearly everyday with my husband over that time. The atmosphere is happy with many activities on a daily basis. The cleanliness is second to none both in the home and with the residents. The only smell is one of home cooking.

Even the staff who do not have a care role give their time to sit with residents.

We spent many happy hours enjoying the Sensory Garden and with the instillation of the Sensory Room these features add extra stimulation for the resident and family alike.

If only other homes were like this it would make families like us less fearful when this decision has to be made."

 - J. Davies

"It was nice to spend time with the staff and residents at Hunters Lodge Care Home for the Christmas Party and on Christmas Day 2017. It was wonderful to see the attention and fuss everyone made of mum, and seeing her laughing, smiling and dancing in her chair was brilliant.

There are a lot of horror stories going around regarding care homes and the treatment of their residents so I am sure you can imagine we were a little concerned about admitting mum into anywhere. We need not have worried. Since taking over the daily responsibility of the care of our mother, she has had balance issues, had difficulty eating and drinking, been admitted to The Royal Infirmary and more urine infections, and you have constantly demonstrated professionalism and sympathy.

Throughout this time, you and your staff have all treated mum with love, respect, dignity, understanding and patience. We realise there are certain levels of care you are required to achieve by law, but you go way beyond that. Your home is run like one big happy family and altough I feel guilty and somewhat sad when I leave her after a visit I know she could not be in better hands.

Thanking everyone involved in making the latter part of our mother's life as good as, and better than most, that is could be."

  - L. Juba

"Hunters Lodge is a home from home for my mother who has Vascular Dementia. The staff are extremely caring and I feel confident that mum is in the best possible place for her"

 - L. Juba

"Extremely caring/friendly staff, who tread the residents with dignity, respect and as individuals. Hunters Lodge offers lots of activities including outings which are thoroughly enjoyed. The home appears to have a strong and well run managemet team, which reflects in the staff working within the home"

 - L. Rayns

"Dad is very happy/enjoys being here and gets on well with all the staff"

 - J. Hyates

"Love the Sensory room, John my husband would have loved it. Can not speak more highly of Hunters Lodge, when it came to the end of John's life. It wasn't just John they looked after it was myself as well, they could not have done more."

 - L. Pearson

"I find Hunters Lodge a very caring home, the staff are very kind and helpful showing dignity and respect towards the residents. Always ready to make my sister smile and have a joke with her when she is feeling down. I think that a smile goes a long way in a care home. Well done to all the staff. Thank you very much."

 - J. Gordan Carter

"To all the Staff and Residents of Hunters Lodge Care Home. Whilst I am delighted to be back in my own home. I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your care and friendship during my stay with you."

  - S. Bull

"I have been in regularly to see Mum who had recently had a stroke. It's the best decision I made placing Mum at Hunters Lodge in Melton Mowbray."

 - K. Ward

"Thank you for all the care and attention given to Mum. Mum is always beautifully 'turned - out.' As a person she always wanted to look as good as possible - matching outfits being very important. That extra touch with her jewellery is perfect. But most of all Mum is very happy here."

 - G & M. Whittaker